5 guys who love what they do

FULL FRONTAL is a party cover band playing hip hop, R&B and pop from bands like Bruno Mars, Prince, Run DMC, Usher and more.

We all come from various musical experiences and backgrounds. It makes the band who we are and it has lead us to the successful combination of a fun loving, energetic, goofy, professional and entertaining group.

As individuals we each have a talent that we bring to this project. The culmination of these skills and the mesh of our uniqueness shows in our energy and sound. This results in fans that love us, repeat bookings and an experience you should see in person.

The band was formed in 2015 in Dayton, OH


Our Influences

Hip Hop











Guitar, Vocals, Keys and Sampler

Played with bands Three Barrel, Avareous, Disagreed, Renegades Of Funk, and The Grudge – a Tribute to Tool.  Enjoys long walks on the beach, Sierra Nevada beer, slow jams and fast women!

Kainan Shank

Slappin’ Da Bass and Vocals

Over the years, Kainan has played in countless bands and has toured the country but is now studying Commercial Music Production at the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music. He has always had a passion for playing bass but now hopes to further his musicianship by studying production, audio engineering, film scoring, and composition.
Kainan is exited to hit the stage with Full Frontal!

Corey Tucker

Vocals and Instruments

Corey Tucker is not your average R&B singer. He knows his way around instruments, performing live, writing, arranging, business, and recording studios. Corey, is a singer/songwriter and entrepreneur, a native of Tennessee. He moved to Cincinnati, Ohio at an early age. It was that move that would change Corey’s life. In a new place with new faces that didn’t look like him, communication was scarce. Music became his voice and passion. His vocals have been described as “smooth, rich, classic and soulful” reminiscent of the early soul legends. 

Corey spent most of his early years performing in church and school, singing and directing choirs, leading the church band, and helping other artists find their voice. He hoped the music would be his life’s work; not for money or fame, but to tell a story. A story of the shared human experience filled with hope, pain, faith, and love. Corey sees music as a way to unite people instead of the divisions he encountered. The music that influenced him the most is 90’s RnB, classic soul, Hip Hop, Singer/Songwriter, and gospel. “It is the realness, raw grit, and passion I love in music. There is nothing to hide. It is that authenticity that brings us together.”

Scotty T

Drums, Samples, Vocals

Scott grew up as a military brat where his father was in the Army band then joined the Air Force Academy band as a jazz musician.  So naturally, music was destined to be in his blood!  Scott has many different interests when it comes to music spanning many different genres. He has played with bands like Northside Tribe, Renegades of Funk (A Rage Against The Machine Tribute Band), Rhythm Method, Three Barrel and more…

Scott had a vision to create the best dance/party band in the area and he set out to form what is now known as Full Frontal. His vision started with a caricature and the name, Full Frontal. The name was something geared to grab your attention and from there it evolved with a concept of playing music that makes people want to dance! Scott believes music is something that brings people together to celebrate, to sing along, and to simply escape.

Axel Fair

Keys, Vocoder, Samples and Vocals

Axel Fair has played music as a child and adult. He plays drums, bass, keyboards, trombone, guitar and trumpet. Axel has played in a lot of bands of all genres. Bongo Bay, 2B Low, The Buzz and national acts such as Midnight Star and Slave.

Ready to Rock?

We can play a multitude of venues and events: nightclubs, bars, festivals, private parties or receptions, you name it, we’ll bring the vibes to spark an awesome time.