5 guys who love what they do

FULL FRONTAL is a party cover band playing rock, hip hop, and pop from bands like Sublime, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Prince, and more.

We all come from various musical experiences and backgrounds. It makes the band who we are and it has lead us to the successful combination of a fun loving, energetic, goofy, professional and entertaining group.

As individuals we each have a talent that we bring to this project. The culmination of these skills and the mesh of our uniqueness shows in our energy and sound. This results in fans that love us, repeat bookings and an experience you should see in person.

The band was formed in 2015 in Dayton, OH


Our Influences



Groove Rock











B. Harv

Vocals, Keys

B. Harv has been singing for years! From choirs to karaoke contests, he has utilized his voice to the fullest. You can hear him singing the SVG Motors commercial (he wrote, arranged, & sang the jingle) as well as the occasional rendition of the national anthem at the Dayton Dragons game. Along with Full Frontal he can also be seen singing with funk/R&B cover band Top Secret! The “Show Stopper” is ready to bring it to your town…….SO BE READY!!

Mike, The Hat Guy

Hats, Occasional Bass, Vocals (suspiciously always unplugged)

Mike got his start by playing a big purple polka dot hat in his first band Mesh followed by Ultra Violet, Barefoot, The Difference, Renegades of Funk and most recently can be seen on stage with A Different Blue and Full Frontal.

Magic Mike graduated from Altered State in 1969 mastering in mycology and can be seen in his most recent 2 DVD instructional set “Smiling Your Way to a Perfect Pizza”

Jim Membership

Guitar, Vocals, Samples, Keys, Kazoo

Jim was born at sea on a party boat that was lost for 30 years. Fed a steady diet of shrimp, white wine and soft rock he mastered the art of making love to your ears. He later picked up the guitar. He is still getting his land legs and learning about the modern world.



Guitar, Vocals

Played with bands Three Barrel, Avareous, Disagreed, and Renegades Of Funk.  Enjoys long walks on the beach, Sierra Nevada beer, slow jams and fast women!

Scotty T

Drums, Samples, Vocals

Scotty T was born at a very young age in the basement of a Motown studio.  One Thanksgiving day, Scotty T took some turkey drumsticks and some old buckets for making hooch and started kicking a beat.  That’s how this all got started.  Scotty T moved to the big city and played with bands like Northside Tribe, Renegades of Funk, Rhythm Method, Three Barrel and more…

Ready to Rock?

We can play a multitude of venues and events: nightclubs, bars, festivals, private parties or receptions, you name it, we’ll bring the vibes to spark an awesome time.